• Kanika Lal

Stop, Breathe, and Roll.

Calm on the outside. A tornado on the inside.

Try this.

Take one deep inhale. The kind of inhale they tell you to do in yoga class.

Allow your chest and belly to expand upwards as the oxygen fills your lungs.

Hold it in for one Mississippi...two Mississippi...

Now, let it all go. *loud sigh*

How did that feel?

Please, by all means, do it once more if it made you feel even a teensy bit more relaxed.

That simple exercise, believe it or not, has started to help me in the most difficult of tasks: being present.

Breathing, who would have thought, eh?

I know we hear the expression, "live in the now" all the time. It's become one of those preachy, unoriginal Instagram posts (that I'm guilty of sharing).

But, if you're anything like me where you're in your head, CONSTANTLY, you are missing out on "living in the now." Instead, you're always thinking, planning, scheming, wondering, deciding, day-dreaming, second-guessing - which usually involves the past and future. Rarely ever the present.

Even writing this first blog post on my (finally) updated website, I was hesitant. My mind jumped from, "you have nothing substantial to say yet. You don't have enough time. You don't even enjoy writing that much. Wait until you're ready."

OH EM GEE mind! Why must you be so cruel? Let me at least attempt. This is the reason I wanted a new website. It's time for me to put myself out there, write, create and live the vision I so badly see for myself.

Why must my (sometimes) insecure mind hold me back?

Because it is not living in the present. My mind's worried about the possibility of it not turning out right. The worry that nobody will like it, or read it, or watch it, or enjoy it. It's worried about my "other work" I have to get done. It's tricking me into thinking that this is not my priority.

So, I take one deep breath in. And one deep breath out. And I begin writing.

That breath took me back to this moment. The very moment that is in my favor. The moment that tells me, "Kanika, it's time. Write, create, inform, inspire and entertain. Or you're not practicing what you're preaching. And you'll just remain a dreamer, not a doer..."

Now, don't get me wrong, I love my twisted self. The fact that my thoughts are able to dive deep down into the ocean and rocket straight up into space at the same time is fascinating. It's led me to ask thought-provoking questions and come to groundbreaking theories about myself and this world we live in.

But I'm also terrified of it. It can play awful tricks. It can stop me from doing the very thing that can free me.

Which is why taking a few seconds to pause, breathe, and reset is probably the best gift I can give to myself in these moments. And the best gift I can give to planet Earth.

Maybe that's what it truly means to be one with the Universe, eh?

Check back in later this week. I'm taking my twisted little mind with me to a float tank where I'll lay in water for two hours where all my senses will be deprived of.

I'll let you know how that goes! ;)

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