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"The time is always right to do what is right."

What a powerful man Martin Luther King Jr. was – and still is in my opinion. His words that rang far and loud are still remembered and worshiped today, 56 years later.

I think America acknowledging his efforts and his contributions to the civil rights movement by claiming it a holiday is a strong and bold move.

A move that brings everyone down to a level of humility where they take a moment out of their day to remember a strong soul who died for his country.

It’s a move that has brought me here to this very post, feeling extra proud that I graduated from Boston University, the same educational institution where MLK Jr. himself attended for three years.

A move that reminds me of how much power one can have as long there's faith, courage, and dreams.

Quoting one of Mr. King’s moving statements – and he has many –

“The time is always right to do what is right.”

How many times do we give ourselves an excuse that now is not the time? Even when we feel it is with every inch of our body, we are usually the thing that gets in our way.

For me, it’s planting this seed. This particular seed that takes faith in believing it’s the right seed to plant, the courage to actually do so, and the dream that comes with it.

I too have a dream. While it’s not as grandeur as Mr. King’s, it’s still a dream that scares me a bit to even dream in the first place.

I admit, a part of me is a little embarrassed to even express what the dream is because it’s hard to put into words what the exact dream is. But I do know there’s no better time now to plant it, express it how much I can at this very moment, and work towards making it happen. It’s a dream I’ve been building and expanding.

Another thing I have to admit...

I thought about writing this post when I got high two nights ago - after a long, long time I must add. I was getting lost in the music, in my thoughts, in my notebook, writing out everything that crossed my mind like a speeding bullet, and I came to this half conclusion...

...This idea of a mission that I need the proper team by my side to achieve – a mission that involves Hollywood, the government, and this entire Universe. A mission I've been contemplating and trying to extract from my soul for several years now, but still haven't gotten it down 100 percent. Yet.

Sounds a little dramatic, I know. But, there are thoughts, questions, visions and premonitions eating inside me that I’m trying to make sense of and let out. It’s a combination of spirituality and science, human capability and will power, truth and balance, love and joy – for this lifetime and beyond.

It’s a dream that involves finding true purpose, living out the impossible, creating a new system...a new set of rules.

A dream where I’m able to create a reality within a reality, live in this reality in harmony with others, and allow them to see and hear this reality as it unfolds - choosing to apply it to their own life.

Okay, Kanika. That’s enough for this post. This is beginning to sound like some lame conspiracy theory. You lost the readers the minute you said you got “high,” the night before. Lol.

I’m not right now, but, I hope to make further progress with this and reach at least some people who feel intrigued or inclined to help in some way.

Until that happens…

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