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Conversations Are Keys to Open Doors

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I noticed an unread message in my oh-so flooded LinkedIn inbox the other day.

Upon reading it, I was truly honored to discover that someone wanted to take the time to interview me for her empowering podcast - Pink Purse International. Obviously I thought to myself, "I'm not anywhere or anyone yet to have someone ask me about my accomplishments," but I quickly shut that negative thought down. The point of the podcast was for two women - who had much more in common than we could have guessed - to talk about uplifting and important topics.

Fast forward to the podcast phone conversation on Friday, and after a couple of minutes, Fey acted as my morning coffee, waking me up with her bright personality. We dived into a number of topics about the importance of internships during and after college, generation and culture differences as well as similarities, digital media, and the power of persistence with career aspirations. I think my favorite part was learning a little about Fey's family, who seemed as adorable and strong as her, including her funny grandmother and strong mom who was a cardiologist for many years.

After thirty minutes, Fey and I continued talking off-air for another thirty, and it's almost as if she was my guardian angel for that morning. The insight and advice she offered - which was very unexpected - was just what I needed to hear that day. I didn't want to hang up!

Thank you, Fey, for reaching out. I hope we can continue to stay in touch.

Listen here.

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