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To my Dearest Suhina...

Click the picture, and listen to our song <3

Click the picture and listen while you read...<3

21 years ago, a precious doll gifted this universe. Her angelic smile, dark and silky hair (which I know I pulled a lot growing up...sawy #notsawy), and most importantly, charming personality, made every single person around her smile. Our smiles couldn't stop beaming as long as we were around her.

Today, the doll grew up into a SEXY MAMA, still keeping with her the precious smile and soul that was embedded into her. My baby sister, princess and queen, SUHINA LAL, has a birthday today, and it's time to BOW. DOWN.

Seriously, though. Life is about to get so much more exciting for you, in a whole new way, and from someone who is nearing the tail end of her 20's, (yikes), this ain't no exaggeration.

You're steps closer to figuring out more about who you are and what you want to do in this lifetime. I know, it sounds a bit overstated, but you are evolving into a woman ...

A no-more-fake-id, bold-to-walk-up-to-this-bouncer-at-the-club kind of woman.

It's the best. The nerves turn into real bad-ass confidence, the confidence that helps you kill.it. in your 20's.

Let's admit it, confidence is what we really need more of as adult humans, and something I so want you to always have as I know the struggle of how it feels to not have enough. It's the most important in leading us to our "best selves..." shutting off all the noise that doesn't move us forward or feed us with uplifting thoughts. Like, "I don't look good in this. This is why I'm single," to "Ugh, I'm embarrassing." "I'm not that good looking." "Everyone around me is getting awesome jobs. Why am I behind?" "I am not good enough for him, for her, for this..."

NO. We don't have time for that when we are working towards something special and working on ourselves internally and externally. And as you go through the motions day by day, the more you become a master of your own thoughts, staying close to the positive ones and using the rest to only fuel you towards progress.

Of course, it will come with its challenges, still, but it's not something you aren't prepared for and can't handle. I mean look at you, Suhina. You have glided through life keeping so calm, so balanced and so STRONG. You may be almost seven years younger than me, but it makes no difference. I'm learning more from your strength and "enlightened moments" than I ever thought I would.

Born on the 1st day of the month, you have always been a leader and forward thinker with your intelligence, your witty sense of humor that shocks me sometimes that it came out of your mouth, lol, and stylish self. Things we all really truly GAWK over. (Including your God-gifted ability to pose like a supermodel. I really don't know how you do it).

Even the short but sweet time you and I had together in L.A. was amazing, and it makes me pumped for when we eventually live next door to each other like you've always said :). Our nights when we vented to each other about how much we ate, or how much work we have to do, but also talking about our deepest and most desired dreams we plan to make come true. The times we spontaneously decide to watch an improv show after vegan ice cream or get a massage at a Korean spa then change into clothes after as we do our make-up in the hotel lobby, before hitting up a dance bar and living the night UP. (Not to mention Korean BBQ :O).

Or when we met up in Malibu after your shmexy photoshoot like the star you are and ate at heavenly Nobu, running into some old and new friends :D.

To just having you there as my best friend and soul sister, getting into all types of fun trouble, flirting with boys, dancing at Buffalo Club, chilling at the CEO of Discotech's house, listening to each other talk for hours, laughing and uplifting one another, and eating at late night spots to work out like crazy the next day.

But, it's K. Jeff was worth it...

Point is... I thank my lucky stars I have you. Not just because you're my sister. But because you get it. You're with it. You are IT. You're MY happiness as you are for so many around you, and please never forget that. I may be biased - you're my blood after all - but this note of mine isn't just to show you I love you. It's to remind you that you are a warrior. A fighter. And a graceful beauty. All at once. Already you have outdone yourself in ways that you nor I didn't see coming, and there's way more to come. I can only imagine with your mature outlook in life, classiness and high taste, original ideas, and sparkling personality nobody else has, you will make a real difference to this world...

Keep your head up high while your body grounded, listen to that strong and trusting gut of yours, and know you're never alone. I'm a phone call away, a plane visit away - which we'll make happen in December (:d), and a heart-to-heart waiting for you because I love you. I wish nothing but beautiful, magical miracles for you, and want nothing more than your happiness, good health and limitless life for yourself...forever and ever...


Twenty One Reminders for you, because why not!?

  1. Treat yourself to a balanced and healthy lifestyle that I know you love - fruits, veggies, and green juices are your friends - but it's OK to have a slice of pizza here and there. No regrets.

  2. Write in a journal almost every day if you can - jot down your inner thoughts.

  3. Pamper yourself with nails, massages, facials more often than not, and never feel guilty doing so.

  4. Read, read read - I know in school you're doing it already, but take up topics that interest you. Be a student for life...

  5. Compliment others more...If you see something, say something.

  6. Ask lots of questions and start conversations with people you don't know well.

  7. Take time for yourself to breathe...where for several minutes of your day focus on nothing else but your breath for a change.

  8. Reflect on your childhood, the past, while writing goals for what you want to see happen in the near future.

  9. In fact, write lots of things down, and say them out loud - making it known and manifesting it into REALITY. It does work.

  10. Travel , travel travel. HELLO BARCELONA!!

  11. Say yes to opportunities and chances - even if they seem scary at first. Be OK with healthy discomfort...

  12. It's OK to be the first to talk to a boy and introduce yourself ;)

  13. Don't be afraid to cry in public, laugh loud, and to dance all the emotions out...

  14. Change up habits and lifestyle here and there: new study spot for a change, Matcha Latte instead of coffee, wearing more pinks than greys...you get the point.

  15. Sing if you want to, record it, share it. In fact, share what's truly on your mind. Let others in on it.

  16. Watch more romantic movies, favorite T.V. shows, old Bollywood films.

  17. Trust time, even when it seems slooow. It's working out in our favor...I'm experiencing that the hard way.

  18. Keep your girlfriends close to you...

  19. And your sissy and momma. <3

  20. Don't do it if there's no passion and love behind it - otherwise you'll have a miserable life.

  21. Do not give up. EVER EVER.

One more for good luck...

  1. Don't take it all too seriously- let it go and just be carefree. It's what we make it to be.

Happy Birthday, Suhina.

I love you to the moon and back. Enjoy today to the fullest and choose happiness.

“Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

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