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Interview with Madison McWilliams: A Teen Musical Pop Star to Look Out For

I’m in constant awe of how people almost a decade younger than me fully own who they are and what they want to do in life - for the time being. When I was 16, I was definitely living a great life. However, I wasn’t my best self; Constantly over thinking and worried about what my high school peers thought of me. Heck, I’m still striving to be my best self as it's a never-ending journey.

For Madison McWilliams, I’m sure she has the same thoughts I thought about at age 16. The difference, though, is that she's riding the uncomfortable yet thrilling wave as an artist - vulnerable enough to influence her life and the lives of others through her empowering music.

Credit: Madison McWilliams website

I had the opportunity to interview Madison from an invitation I received from her publicists. (Publicists, FYI, are essentially the promotional team for clients such as celebrities and artists). With an already-packed week, I thought to myself, this is a chance to get a head start on my own creative content. But...

How will I find a videographer?

Will I be able to pull this off in a day?

Is it okay that my channel and website are still growing?

After the constant back-and-forth I usually tamper with in my mind, I said, Eh, f*** it. Let’s do it. Luckily, my videographer- friend hooked me up by freeing up his schedule, I came up with a concept, and we rolled with it.

Madison is an artist who, after getting to know her, inspired me to work harder than I already am. Is her music for my demographic? Maybe not, but it does have a catchy tune. And I can already tell how her style will continue to evolve. You can hear her strength, passion and power in her song and lyrics. That kind of emotion doesn’t die out fast.

When arriving to interview her, I saw a big team of photographers, make-up artists and her momager (mom and manager) surrounding her to ensure she had the best photo shoot possible. They were there to help create a vision and be a part of a young lady’s dream. It’s not about the photo shoot. It’s the overall ambition Madison has and wants to achieve – and it’s a magical thing when people support that. From a photo shoot, to a music video, to going on tour – no dream should be too big.

On top of that, in the midst of her busy day, she was patient with my interview. And not to mention, very eloquent at answering questions.

Look at me earlier, as I wondered whether or not I should go through with this interview based on my lack of preparation. Reminding myself of risk-taking and the importance of following our guts changed it around. And, as Madison said in the interview, the way to progress is to get out of your comfort zone - for a singer, a student or even full-fledged adult. Constantly push yourself to places you didn’t think you could go, try things you are afraid of, and live life uncomfortably.

I’m glad I did.

Credit: Madison McWilliams website

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