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I call this, "Not your ordinary cartoon."

In less than a month I turn 27 years old, and I am trying not to worry.

It's awesome because I do feel growing older, in this day and age, is exciting.

I'm freaking out, though, because time is moving TOO fast, and I thought I'd be in a different place in life.

So two things from that:

1. It's exciting because of growing technology at our fingertips aka AI, robots, and the next Elon Musk invention to talk about. As well as the fact that each day that passes, I am striving to improve, look better, feel better, become wiser, and in turn, live a better life, step by step.

2. If you are younger than 27, PLEASE don't be upset if you didn't make it to your timeline. By all means, set goals and timeline your life. (Yes, I used timeline as a verb). HOWEVER, if you thought you'd possibly be married at 24, and you are on dating apps still, IT'S OKAY. Things are not the same as they used to be when our parents were our age - economically and socially. Not to say married at 25 with a kid is not possible. A lot of my college friends are settled! It's jut not the majority.

Sooo...yeah. I did think I'd be a wee bit more "successful" and stable by now. Possibly married or at least in a long-term relationship. But that ain't the situation.

Surprisingly, I'm actually okay. I'm really okay, happy, feeling good - on most occasions - and f*** strong enough to get myself to be okay if I fall back. I am in a tough industry, in a tough market, in a tough city to even find a steady boyfriend. So I understand that. But it so happens my professional life is the love of my life, and I'm happy that it is.

Maybe it's my strong family and friend support, determined mind, and faith that gives me the acknowledgement that I WILL be okay and am on the right path that my heart is beating me on. Which, frankly, is the most important.

Okay, next topic.

I am embarking on changes in my eating that I HOPE helps with what I'm experiencing. And with this mini post, I encourage you all reading to just take more notice to your body. I thought I did, until it started REALLY acting out. And I knew it has got to be more than just diet or stress.

For me, it's a longer problem that has progressed. While the media, Internet, and even studies show it may be one problem and one fix, I am thinking it's not so simple.

I do have to say. Some people have the gift to eat whatever they'd like for however long and not see those same problems arise. But, I may have to be extra careful with my exercise regimen, what I'm putting in my body, what vitamins to take and not falling for traps because they seem trendy.

That being said.

I'm attempting to eat WHOLE foods for 30 days. Not necessarily the grocery store, but the Whole30 plan. The diet says to eat vegetables, fruit, - in moderation - meat, nuts, and seeds. It's best to exclude: 1. Dairy 2. Soy 3. Legumes 4. Alcohol (AHHHH) 5. Carbs 6. Sugar (except if it's natural in whole fruits)

7. Pretty much things that I love...

It's okay though! (I tell myself), It's only for 30 days, and this will help my body and my mind become aligned. It'll teach me new things about my body as to what I react better or worse to, helping me choose the best foods going forward after the 30 days, guiding me to live and eat moderately.

I mean, I hope it does.

I also feel like a guinea pig because I'm taking this probiotic supplement from Malibu Health Labs that they offered to myself and several others facing similar issues, so more on THAT later.

The major changes I've noticed in my body, though, leading me to make such changes, are strange digestion and gut problems, irregular periods and a weird appetite craving such as an increase in sugary/junk/fattening foods.

I believe a lot has to do with science of my body, certain bacteria chemicals, and hormones since I AM reaching that 30 ballpark (mhm...). As well as the way food is processed in 'MURICA.

But GUT is related to our core and even our gut instincts as well.

Call it strange or unrelated, but I'm also embarking on this change where I am trying to feed my body with things that my gut can benefit from, in exchange, helping me hone in on my gut aka intuition, leading me in the way that is right for me.

Good food ---> Healthier gut ---> Healthier core ---> Leading me to work hand in hand with my gut to properly listen to it and make decisions with more solidarity.

So call it spiritual meets science... but I look forward to really trying this out, honoring my promise and commitment to myself.

And going back to my first point, the 30-day diet I timed properly ends RIGHT before my birthday...


And the last, somewhat related and unrelated point...

As much as I've been saying this... I need to be better with not giving myself excuses. Even if I do give an excuse, I have to learn to squash it and move forward.

I know what I want to do at the moment. I have a lot of goals obviously, but currently, creating this multi-faceted media with the resources I have is the first step. If I had more money, people helping, etc it could be bigger.

ALAS, I have to use what I have, and it's more than enough.

I have ---> my fiery curious brain asking myself and others, "what's REALLY going on?" and "what does that REALLY mean?"

For example, how can we trust these brands and companies when I believe a lot of them are responsible for results we are suffering from? Whether it be too much sugar in certain foods, awful toxins, or phone and wire tapping from the government, how much can WE control and avoid?

I have ---> technology.

Whether it be a phone, a camera, a laptop... they can make all these thoughts, questions and answers come to life! So we can all share the same platforms that I hope to create my videos and such around.

For example.

Let's capture my interactions (which are pretty funny, fun and inspiring depending on WHO YOU ARE :) ; let's capture my mind and others' minds, maybe through animation?; allow me to document the journey in order to allow you to view the behind-the-scenes of coming to an answer, what I'm REALLY thinking as well as the product itself.

Hopefully through my findings, I can offer something more besides just information and entertainment. A next step, something of value to you, maybe a solution.

Yes, this is all pretty vague. But I choose to not give too much away yet. Mostly because I have a lot of figuring out to do.

What I do want to do is put it in writing as much as I can, though. Stay committed to it. And most importantly, hear your thoughts and opinions! Since, after all, everything I'd be doing would be putting it out there in PUBLIC.

Lastly, I have ---> My heart, my mind, my gut, my fire. In other words, I have me.

It takes a while to listen to oneself. But if any of you are experiencing that feeling where you just can't shake it, then let's follow up with it. TOGETHER. It's our purpose talking to us. The reason we, and not anybody else who unfortunately couldn't make it to this planet Earth, are in existence.

That's it for now. Thank you, honestly, for reading. If you have anything you'd like to say or ask about any of the above, I really would want to hear it.

Talk to you all soon.

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