• Kanika Lal

I don't want to forget...

Happy weekend, friends and family!

Today was a good day.

And, not because of any ONE thing. But more so because of my mindset.

The other night my mind spiraled into dark thoughts. I was full of fear and emptiness inside. I thought to myself, will I ever advance? I jump forward to only get pulled backwards. And I have NO idea why sometimes.

But I KNEW deep inside I'll bounce back. There's no other way. It took a day of reflecting and going through the motion to finally feel okay again.

Today, Friday February 2nd, 2018 was just a feel-good feeling all day. It was full of conversation, meeting with new friends, reconnecting with old ones and being around good energy. Partly due to the good energy I was exerting from my positive mindset.

[Also, I loved my outfit, and I was damn proud of my fashion sense. So yeah, dressing up in comfortable and stylish clothes while having a good hair day is ALWAYS a plus. :)]

And the only way we can achieve this feeling a majority of the time is by:

A). Allowing bad and dark shit to happen to us. But not letting it destroy us. It's harder for some people. Some shit is just plain darker and seemingly impossible to overcome. But as long as we DO bounce back, that is what matters. Getting pulled backwards is just a reminder that we don't want to be here. And we have to do what we know what we have to do; or figure it out so we can get our feet out of the mud.

B). Open-minded and confidence. Ah, the C word. It's is a tricky challenge for me. No matter how energetic and full of life I am, I'll always have this strong lack of confidence inside. It trips me up, speaks awful words to me and stops me from doing what I want to do.

26 years later, though, I'm FINALLY saying f*** it. Slowly.

Who I've grown up to be. Where I am in life. How I look. And where I'm going. Sometimes I am not always secure with those answers.

BUT I know myself. I know where I stand. I know my heart. I know my strength, and what I'm capable of. And THAT is enough.

Once that security kicks in, it's easier to open up to people. Engage in conversation, exchange ideas, and learn about the people around you. Frankly, that's how I thrive.

Sparknote version of my day:

Meditated, worked out, ate healthy, accomplished errands, felt and looked good for MYSELF, and a little for others, productive in several meetings that were mixed with pleasure too, experienced new people and new places in Los Angeles...

And capped it all off with this blog post.

Because I want to remember this moment. And remember that I wouldn't be here without the troubling days I faced earlier that made me appreciate this much more.

I hope you all can embrace everything that comes your way - work through it - and come out as a butterfly.

Love to you all. Talk soon.


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