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It's a New Dawn, a New Day...

If you landed here as a continuation from my Instagram post, well, HELLO THERE. Thank you for taking a pause from the scrolling and including me as part of your precious time.

And I mean precious when I say precious. How we dedicate our time these days is extremely important. I’d like to think that you reading this is pretty important.

  1. Because we should read more often. However, whenever and whatever way we can

  2. And you are opening up your eyes and ears to a different perspective and opinion. Which I hope can refine or even validate your own. Or it may even vastly differ from yours. That's okay, too.

However, lastly, which is separate from the list, this post is more for myself to continue voicing what’s in my head and lay it out on paper. Electronic paper, but still paper nonetheless.

Let's get to it.


Individually, it was an awesome year. I was healthy for the most part, happy, and busy making strides towards the career and life I’ve been envisioning for four years. I overcame tiny and large fears. I learned a whole lot about what's surrounding me and how it connects to within me. I started developing more confidence in who I am and how I want to look in the mirror... and simultaneously look to others. I’ve started learning the importance of proper fitness and nutrition to feed my mind, body and soul. And I’ve come to the conclusion that mind - body- and-soul is not just some hippie term.

If you allow me to brag a bit, I would like to share that I’ve had great exposure this past year, too. Television spots, local newspaper stories written up about me, an awesome job that introduced me to a new meaning of mobile entertainment – and even gained some new "fans" and followers that approached me in person and social media to tell me that they watch and enjoy my videos - which was so rewarding to hear in all honesty.

(Some were not rewarding and were just flat-out gross. But more on that later).

And as you can see above, I took a look at my "Best Nine"on Instagram - since how many likes I get validates what “best” is. But I ain’t mad at that. It actually adds up. Because it once again reminded me how I also launched a killer website that I’m damn proud of. And I’m not that proud of a lot since I was born with this "never satisfied" feeling. Did my first stand up performance – and hoping to do more. Gained confidence in my hosting/producing skills working at Tastemade – and in turn – getting to collab with awesome people like VS Angel Martha Hunt and DJ Marshmello.

And I had the honor of family, friends and even strangers from my own hometown of Potomac, Maryland tell me how proud of me they are after I won Zee TV’s Made in America reality show. It’s just once-in-a-lifetime, unexpected occurrences that I thank God for every single day.

Oh and I got highlights!!!

But enough. I don’t find it THAT interesting to continue listing accomplishments. Maybe because I take time out of my day everyday to be thankful for them anyways. Maybe because I’m much of a "bigger picture, bigger concept" kind of person. Well, most of the time. But also because I don’t know if I have your attention still. And I want to also go into the fact that 2017 was a tectonic-plate-shifting-universal- transformation kind of year.

Ya feel me?

I’m not sure how my individual year lined up with the year as a whole. But as I write this, I’m sure I will be able to come to some realization.

As a whole, 2017 was the most anticipated year from so many of my peers on social media and physically around me. People couldn’t wait to escape the constant bad news 2016 brought - from this celebrity death to this mass shooting. Inside, I was fuming as I kept hearing that "2016 was the worst year," because it really didn’t depend upon the year entirely. It’s the fact that this type of information was being covered up less and reported and shared more. Largely due to social media.

And of course, how can I forget one of the biggest upsets our country faced with Donald Trump as president?

It’s as if everyone woke up and realized reality stinks. I’m not to say I wasn’t shocked by some pieces of information. The thing is, it didn’t start or end in 2016.

This year, the amount of warnings we received about gender inequality, climate change, racism, terrorism, government control, CIA (a different story), sexual assault, the list goes on. Am I wrong to say that this has really all existed before? We’re just coming face-to-face with the increasing pressures of it now.

Maybe some instances have been worse than before. But we wonder why is it happening at all? "It’s the 21st century, it’s 2017, soon to be 2018, why are we going backwards?"

Well, I do believe we have progressed than we ever have as a country and as individuals. But how will we continue to go further if we don’t retract just a bit?

Slingshot Effect, people!

We have got to pull back as far as we can so we can KABOOM into the advanced change.

The thing is, are we ready for that? With the way technology is advancing faster than we can say AI, are we ready for this future?

We’re smart. We’re adaptable. We’re curious. But I’m not sure how stable we are.

And I’m not doubting our power or our strength. Because it’s immense.

But it’s remaining stable in chaos. It’s remaining stable when shit happens and things go wrong. That’s something I personally have to battle with.

Otherwise 2018 will be a letdown. And it’s not dependent on the number. Or the year. And I know you know.

I wish I had numbers, facts and stats to make whatever I’m trying to say more valid. But in reality and at this particular moment, it’s dependent on my intuition, observations from what we encountered this past year and from picking up on other energies.


We went through a crazy amount of shifts, understandings, confusion, discoveries and breakthroughs. But all to set us up for the next. To take what we went through. Change the things we can control and don’t like, and make 2018 a year that will have you forgetting the one before.

And maybe that’s how it lined up with my personal year. I came to terms with a lot about myself, and how I can easily go after what I want if I don’t allow myself to get in the way.

Because as easily as I can propel myself to keep going, I can also easily stop myself.

But there’s a lot I’d want the same. Love for and from my family & friends. Love for and from myself. My drive, ambition and motivation. Who I am as an essence and energy of a person. And to continue to DREAM AND ACHIEVE.


Just want to say that 2017 had AWESOME music (shout out to Khalid, Charlie Puth, Justin Bieber, French Montana, Ed Sheeran, Migos, Imagine Dragons, Post Malone, MAROON 5, Camilla Cabello, Demi Levato, Halsey, The Chainsmokers, Rihanna, Drake, Calvin Harris, the list goes on as that was mostly the mainstream list, oops).

AND awesome television shows (Big Little Lies, Master of None, This is Us, Dark, Black Mirror, Dear White People, Narcos, etc etc ETC!).

So here's to that. And here's an imaginary glass of champagne I lift to you wishing you a happy new year - may you be inching closer to the life you want and the life you deserve.


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