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Victory Is The Blank Space As Much As It Is The Masterpiece

"Don't wait for the world to recognize your greatness.

Live it, and let the world catch up to you."

Muhammad Ali

This is literally the fifth or sixth draft in my queue that I have not yet published. Well, until now.

And, I'd say it's a good and bad thing.

Good; because at least I'm attempting, and at least I'm getting my thoughts out in a somewhat more structured way than my mumbled, jumbled up mind.

But bad; because I don't finish each one. And each draft that builds up is a reminder of how frustrating it is to leave things unfinished.

Mind you, I don't think I am that type of person. I do have commitment issues, but it's more out of self doubt and second thoughts rather than laziness. Most of the time.

However, with this post, I'm not going to wait until it's "perfect" or "well-researched." While that is the goal for many of my posts, since, I do want to learn something new and relay that to you.

But in this case, I'll write what I thought about the other day. And post it without those damn second thoughts. Those thoughts that lead to my many "drafts."

Tiny victories - or small accomplishments. Whichever you want to call it. That's what I want to dwell on during this post. It's focusing on the small achievements in our days, rather than the BIG success, which we tend to consider when it comes to "feeling successful."

[Success. That word. Ugh. That's for another post.]

Like you, or maybe not like you, - either one is fine - I got a lot I want to do in this lifetime. A lot I want to achieve. And that ranges from career to raising a family one day. Plus some.

And each day I feel I'm not a step closer to that, I retract. I become down, depressed and less motivated to even want to continue my day at hand.

For example, this very post. Ironically, sharing this means I've completed an idea, completed a nice and thought-out piece that I hope more than just MY eyes read. It also means I am a step closer to doing more, building it up, and improving.

But you know what stops us? It's that BIG, overall picture. Because I for sure am thinking, eh, there are more things to be doing than this post. There's more I can talk about, research and write about. How will this one post get me to that "big picture?"

I've got a blank space, baby, and I'll write your name.

I've got a blank space, baby, and I'll write your name.

Well, Kanika, Picasso wouldn't have been able to complete Starry Night without the first stroke, right? Hell, he wouldn't have completed his masterpiece, and CALL it a masterpiece if he hadn't achieved his tiny victories prior to that.

Which I'm sure were hundreds of empty canvases.

I don't know why Taylor Swift's song came to mind, but it did.

Frankly, though, I won't ever get to that point if I don't filter myself out. With thoughts and ideas that I think about and want to express.

My mind works like that Katy Perry song. I'm hot and I'm cold, I'm yes and I'm no. I'm in then I'm out. Yada Yada.

My thoughts are not only going from one idea to another, making me impatient to finish the first before getting to the second, but they also become bored easily.

Yet, I know after getting this together and sharing it, I'll feel accomplished. As much as I want to get to the end of that long, complicated tunnel. "Success". Each step along the way is a tiny victory. It's a step towards an even more improved victory, too. And THAT is success in itself.

It could be getting yourself up from your cozy, Netflix-ridden bed and fitting in that workout for the day after contemplating 100 times, "should I? Eh, do I want to? Eh, I can't find my headphones soo..."

Or even making that Netflix-ridden bed every morning is a fking victory.

And that perception can change EVERYTHING around. It makes oneself feel hopeful. Even more encouraged to do more.

Will it happen overnight? Lord, no. Who knows, I may post this and get so riled up to do more, I'll find myself addressing this a year from now.

But after noticing my patterns, the more of these tiny victories I achieve, the more I want to do, and the less space I leave in between them.

So yeah, maybe this piece was written more for me. But I do want you to think of every decision you make that makes you feel whole - making the bed, reading a chapter of a book just because, checking up with your parents, finishing and sending that damn e-mail, doing that load of laundry that's been staring you down.

Even shaving your legs, ladies. And gents, if that's your thing.

These tiny victories and moments are our L.I.F.E.

I don't know why I put a period in between Life. It just looks pretty.

But they are. And it's literally how we make it and perceive it.

So yes, I do feel better about myself for taking another step towards expressing myself, reminding myself, and you, that we need to make more moments like this every day.

Who doesn't want a gold medal for doing the dishes? It can be that easy.

Love this little baby. I wonder how old he is now, though. What is he DOING these days? The next Tony Robbins!? BuzzFeed, find him!

P.S. I'm curious. Write or message me, and let me know how many tiny victories you can count today. Or yesterday. Thinking about what you "finished," even what you "started." I'd be curious to know yours, and revel in the triumph with you.

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