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Juhu Beach in Mumbai — view from hotel room

It’s around 8:30 in the morning. I think I only slept 4 to 5 hours — surprising, since my family and I just reached the city late last night and were up until late galavanting the hotel and eating Kati rolls. (They are as delicious as it sounds. A naan wrapped with chicken, veggies, and spices.)

It’s definitely beautiful here — how I always imagined Mumbai to be. It has a different charm from Delhi. At least from what I can tell. A bit trendier, cleaner, and organized. Traffic, crowds, the occasional smell — that’s all there. But, our hotel room faces a beautiful beach, and that’s something I’ve never seen while traveling to India.

I so look forward to sharing more of my adventures with you all while I’m here. I’ll certainly do my best to post pictures, maybe video, while here, so I can share with you the magic of my culture.

Good example.

Last night, us 5, the Lal family, checked out of one of our hotel lounges. Sipping on mojitos, we meet this bizarre-looking individual. He definitely was eccentric. Around 5 foot 4, black, British, wearing a long white pajama outfit adorned with jewels on the shoulder blade. Half of his face had facial hair, including his head, while the other half had no hair on his scalp or face. He called it ying-yang. As we began talking to him, boy did he have a mouth. We skipped the small talk and went straight to profound conversations — discussing human nature, what drives us, what should drive us. But one of the most memorable statements he made was when he said India is the heart of the world. We have countries like U.S. and Russia who are the muscles to China being the brain — but the heart and soul are India.

I loved that — I loved the acknowledgement of my country and the understanding others have when they visit. He was trying to achieve balance — and he found India, my India, to help him with that.

I’m just too proud when it comes to my culture.

Hopefully I can share that with you all in days to come.

Until then!

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